Going with the flow

Be a drop, a stream, or a raging river—it doesn’t matter which form you take, as long as you remain in the flow.

I’ve been having trouble with Warrior 1. No matter how I adjust my stance, move my hips, twist my torso and press my feet, I just can not find my way in the pose. I’ve looked online, researched in books and taken to being a creepy Warrior 1 stalker, with stance envy. However, I have yet to find a solution. And so I am at a crossroads, do I give up and exclude the pose in all the sequences I teach and when practicing, do I just drop my knee or do I find my version of Warrior 1? It’s not meant to be a challenging pose, and that’s why my self talk is so mean, ‘everyone is getting this except you!’ I mean who is this jerk, talking to me like that! It’s me and then I feel bad for being mean and then I feel sad! It’s quite the emotional roller coaster when you consider all we are talking about here is a yoga pose! 

The Sutras of Patanjali explain that asana is that pose which is comfortable and steady – and I am neither comfortable or steady. And I don’t know how to fix it! As a particularly independent person, some may say stubborn, I find it difficult to ask for help because I enjoy working things out for myself and not having to rely on anyway. But I suppose if I’m going to start being a little vulnerable, I guess I can start with asking for help with my Warrior 1. Sure, it’s just a yoga pose but it’s also a life lesson – I will remain in the flow and reach out for what I need.


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