Yoga Poetry

I was looking on the good old world wide web for a good poem to read during savasana today and I found a nice one to use, however, it soon occurred to me that there was a much easier solution. I am a writer – duh! I needed to write my own poems for savansana. And I did! And here it is! This is just the beginning, yoga poetry has never crossed my mind but this is something really special. I’ve always thought my best gift for anyone was my words, and that’s true for yoga too. It’s a little hug for my classes, can’t wait to try it out. This one is about ahimsa, which is a component of the Yamas, the first limb of yoga in Raja Yoga. This concept encourages you to practice non-harm, this is harm to others and yourself. It’s a beautiful concept and while we often finds it easy to practice this on others, we forget to be kind to ourselves. This poem emphasises this self-love.


As my body surrenders to the mat
I feel the love in my bones and on my skin
Soft to touch
I honour this body, I honour this life
And in doing so I bring no harm to myself
I search for those parts in me that need healing
And I send my light to these places
The light which radiates from my body is my life force
I give my light freely and I am then surrounded by love
I am well, I am happy, I am loved
As I honour my body, it honours me