Child’s Pose


My shoulders were feeling tight today so this was my pick! And even though I’m picking poses randomly, it seems what I choose is exactly what I need, of course!

Child’s Pose

Moving from table top position, bring your big toes together, spread your knees as wide as comfortable and bring your butt to rest on your heels. If your shoulders allow it, place your arms on the ground in front of. Make minor adjustments so that your belly is resting softly. Ensure your spine stays straight extending to the neck and place your head on the ground. Ensure your hands are well grounded and pulling slightly back towards you. As your hands engage, push your bum back into your feet, feel the give and take of the pose. As you inhale notice the space between your ribs and as you exhale notice your chest soften into the mat. 

Modifications and Considerations:

  • Bring arms down by your legs for a more restorative pose
  • Use a block or your fist/s if your hand isn’t comfortable on the mat, rotate neck if it gets sore
  • If it bothers the knees, go to seated meditation or on your back with arms extended, or you could pop a bolster underneath you

The Good Stuff:

  • It’s a great resting pose 
  • Stretches the quads and back
  • Relaxes the muscles in the front side of the body
  • Releases internal organs forward 
  • Opens back of thorax and lungs

The Philosophy:

  • To rest is to know your body, listen to the cues and give your body what it needs
  • Bring your mind to your intention or san kulpa and stay in touch with this 
  • Focus on your breath
  • Know that you are supported
  • Surrender to gravity and the state of non-doing
  • Trace the journey of your breath and let it centre you