Hey hey it’s extended side angle!

(Utthita parsvakonasana)

Some people love it and some don’t! Personally I’m a fan!

Extended Side Angle 

Moving from Warrior 2, inhale and engage your belly, reach your front arm forward to your knee. On the exhale bring your front forearm to rest on your thigh. Inhale and lift your other arm to the sky and if your neck feels good, look up at that hand. Press through your feet and, hug the shin bones up your legs and engage your quads. Check that your front knee if not collapsing in and that your ribs are not popping out. Soften ribs to spine and lengthen your waist on the lowered side. Soften neck and open your chest. Notice if your collapsing in bottom shoulder and tip pelvis if butt is poking out. Keep the velocity and intensity even in all your limbs. Repeat on other side.

Modifications and considerations:

  • If you have the flexibility you can slide your hand down to the floor or bind hands between the legs, ensure chest stays open.
  • Drop your hand and place on sacrum to open your chest 
  • Look down or neutrally if neck is sore
  • Place a block on the ground if that’s easier to reach
  • Don’t lean on front knee, just rest arm there
  • For a further extension lift bottom arm to be parallel to top arm and feel the side stretch intensify

The Good Stuff:

  • Strengthens and tones legs, abs and arms
  • Opens your chest, lengthens your spine and  stretches sides
  • Energises the body

The Philosophy:

  • Keep your feet on the ground but reach for the stars
  • Open your chest and you will open your heart
  • Find balance in the imbalance